Where would I be without You…


When all hands are up in the air, when all are crying out for Your presence…. that moment I could feel You’re right there watching us, Lord…. You are here in the midst of us.

I was no one Lord…. The day You found me and the day You chose me. I was on my knee trying my luck for Your existence. Started from that very second, You came into my life.

Many times I walked away from You, yet not once You left me on my own. No matter how far I’ve lost my way, You were always there waiting for me and looking out for me.

I can never understand why or how, but You found a way to touch my life and make a difference in everything.

Even when I felt I am no longer useful in this world, when I felt I don’t deserve everything that You have given to me, when I felt I’ve lost everything, when I felt the whole world rejected me…. Still You were there, gave me a pat on my shoulder and whispered to me, “You are my precious child.”

Who am I to be treated that way. I am no different with those people who spitted You on Your face. I am no different with those people who shouted at You and demanded for Your life at the cross.

You have all the counts to every breath that I take, every beat of my heart, every smile on my face, every tear that I shed…. Every single second in my life…. You keep a record of everything. You know what I like, You know what I hate, but most importantly You know what’s best for me.

People talk about faith now and then, how we should have faith in You though we’ve never met You in person. Yet for me, You are the best example of someone who puts His faith on the ‘impossible’s. You have faith in every of us….

Where would I be without you. Must have drowned into my fear, my worries, my failures. You are always there to pull me up, get me on my feet again.

So here I am…. Kneeling again at Your throne….