You are my GOD

“Here I Am”

Here I am worshiping with my soul
And my heart rejoices in You
Cause You are my God, my shelter
The tower of strength all my days

All the things I can do
It’s all because of You
There’s none of me, it’s all of You
So here I am worshiping You

You are my God, You are my light
Shine on me bright, so I can see Your way
Teach me O God
To rest myself in You
Lead me on, ‘till I find my way home to You

-True Worshippers Youth-

Forget about who I am, where I came from, what I made of or how can I be here right now. I have been so busy in explaining myself to everybody else until I missed out the most important thing in my life…. It is not necessary for people to know who I am…. The more important thing is for them to know my Lord. The Boss, the Father, the Savior, the Best Friend, the Way, the everything….

I felt empty for the past few months wondering what is missing inside my life. I miss the time I can worship Him with all my heart, I miss the time I can kneel down spontaneously with tears ran down admitting His greatness and His creation in my life. I thought it was because I feel secure in here, close to my family, got a good job, no exam pressure at all, feel I am so great compared to everybody else. But perhaps, the only reason is…. I am not ready…. Not ready to be a “Christian” adult. My brother said to me once, that one will always start everything by being responsible in a very small matter, if one succeeds then one will get a slightly bigger responsibility. I thought I have been through my “childhood” era in Christianity. But I guess, the moment I felt that is the moment I failed it. So I guess, now I have to start everything by handling the small matters again. Find me Lord…. for I am lost and confused….
“shine on me bright so I can see your way….”