Wew…. Just back from Sg 2 days ago. I stayed there for a week to get my employment pass done. Well, I also visited my friends in NTU. They had no idea about my short trip to Sg and definitely I enjoyed each and every moment of their surprise mimics when they saw me. It’s been three months since the last time I saw them so it was really an overwhelming moment to have them back together again in one big gathering. They are my family when I was in NTU for almost 4 years. Some of them were my neighbours, some of them were my roommates, and the rest were my “landlords” who provided me with their little space for me to spend a night or two when I had no place to stay. So, yah…. I owe them a lot. Haha….
I am a type of person who depends more on friends than family. I learned a lot from friends and society compared to what I got at home. I was exposed to Christianity by school and friends, choosing my own school and decide it by myself, shaping my behavior from what I saw and experienced from the environment. Perhaps that’s why I often feel so attached to friends and regard them as my family. 3.5 years in foreign country wasn’t an easy thing to deal with, especially for someone like me who usually stay at home and can’t sleep in any other place but my own room. I needed people, needed other existence of human being to support me in order for me not to become crazy, needed people to share my thoughts, my ideas, and my caring and love of course…. And they were there…. Satisfying my needs each and every day, keeping me sane from month to month (especially when exam’s approaching), and sometimes by simply being there as long as I know there are some people out there other than me. I was lucky to know them, I am lucky to still have them as part of my life, and I hope I will always be fortunate to keep them forever in my storybook of life. So, my friends….. Remember to eat well, rest well and study well of coz…. I’ll see you in our convocation next July…. We started the race together, we will end it together…..



I was a good student til 3 months ago. I had always been a good student forever in my life. I did all my assignments, I was responsible to all my work, and the most important thing is I TALKED LESS ACTED MORE. I wasn’t a very bright student; well at least I thought I wasn’t. Yet, I did my part and God has made everything in my life done beautifully. But when I compare myself to all these kids…. Gosh…. I feel like I’m such a genius Einstein among thousands of George Bush. I feel like a saint among all wicked human beings. Pardon my language, I just need to pour everything out from my head. Not every kid is like that. Some are very nice. Some are responsible to their work, some do really care about their grades, and some even care about math. But most of them??????? I don’t even know what’s inside their brains (if they have one). They talk like they are the smartest people in the world. But I tell you what, kiddos? Even when I was asleep, I can think faster than you do. Stupid is one thing, stupid with no manner is OUTRAGEOUS!!! When I was still a student, I’d always thought that I wasn’t smart enough. Yes, I’d always gotten myself into the top 5 in my class, but I’d never regarded myself as smart. Cos I know there are still many people who are smarter than me. I wasn’t smart, but I know my responsibilities. Yet, since my first day of work until this very day, I feel like I want to thank all the people I’ve been with and each and every creature I’ve met so far. Why? Coz suddenly, I feel like I am the greatest mathematician, the brightest, and the smartest among all. If there were someone who own the right to talk more, that would be ME. If there were someone who own the right to skip class, that would be ME. If there were someone who own the right to walking around and chatting without finishing their work, that would be ME. Coz of what? Coz you guys talk a lot with no brain inside!!!!
If any of you felt insulted with any of this, I’m very sorry. I’m not saying that people have to be smart to be successful. I’m just writing my blog and release everything out from my brain. If there were many inappropriate words in this writing, I apologize. Coz like what I said, I TALK LESS, and DO MORE….
And still, I challenge every one of you who dare to talk to me like such a smart person…. Surpass me if you can… save your energy to think more!!! I don’t need any unnecessary comments… I need your brain!!!


Day Dreaming

I remember how poetic I was some time ago
Dreaming and planning how to let myself grow
Treasured special day like I was in my last row

Is this the life I had always dreamed of
No more rhyme no more breathing time
No more beauty in words but plain sarcasm
No more perfect love but excuses

I should’ve taken more time to dream back then
Childhood n youth..
I was my own Shakespeare til heavy metal robbed my lines
I was my own Martin Luther King till Bush stole away my dreams

Dear my lil sis and bros
Should u dream more n write more
Before your age takes that away from you
It has buried my poetry
No,don’t let it take away my pride too
It has burnt away my powerful words
No,don’t let it take away my prayers

Lives aging
Emotions merging
And whats left now is aching..

Farewell to drama series
Welcome my reality show…