We should all be judged based on our abilities. If one works as an engineer one should be valued based on one’s skills and not based on gender, race, nationality or the color one’s pasport.
I am a mathematics teacher and I should be judged based on my ability to teach the subject and my ability to get through to my students. I should not be judged based on my gender, race, nationality or my passport’s color.
Are you saying that Indonesians have smaller brains than non Indonesians? and for those out there who said that foreigners deserve to earn more because they are more skillful than local teachers. For God’s sake, you people know nothing. We may hold the green passport but we have the same knowledge as them (exc of course for their native languages). I myself can confidently say that I am second to none in school when it comes to solving mathematics problem.
This is because of the green passport that I’m holding. The green passport that I won’t give up for the rest of my life…