In remembrance

It was 6 years ago… the day I decided to move on and close that room inside. 5 years it was open… 5 damn years… countless of tears I shed, and I lost my fat too! Almost lost my friendship but thank God I did not. It was a long 5 years, waiting for you to enter it but you did not. We grew up, grew apart and I finally realized there’s a bigger world out there even without you. So I decided it was finally the time to end that chapter. People came in and out, some people left footprints, but yours are still the hardest to erase.
When she wore that ring from you, my time stopped for a while… and now when you two said that three magic words, I just knew, I had to start writing again.
You were my inspiration… you were the Nola AB3 to Glenn Fredly, you were that ex to Adele and that man to Sam Smith… now it’s time for me to find my new inspiration… thank you for the warmth in my heart you created, thank you for teaching me the sensitivity that I didn’t think I had… thank you for loving me in my dream….

May God bless you and your new family….



How the mighty have fallen

He was one of the reasons I came back but now he’s gonna be one of the reasons I leave… for good…
How the mighty have fallen.
How once the greatest leader I’ve met turned to a “villain”.
It’s unfair that he is the only one who can use God to justify his doings. Still… he is no God.
“Everyone in here is not indispensable,” he says… really, Sir? That’s the best line you can deliver in a morning devotion? I have to disagree with you this time. In my opinion, you won’t be able to find someone like me, like I will never find someone like you again. The good, the bad, each and everyone of us is worth something… and even if you won’t remember me in the future, my kids do… and for me, that is more than enough.