Once upon a time

It was nearly 10 years ago when we met the first time. A grumpy me, a practical n quick thinker Vina and a clumsy/careless Dolla. We met by chance, lived in the same building or went to the same class. Different personalities but who would disagree that we completed each other back then. What might seem like merely coincident, grew stronger together. Today we had the chance to see each other again and realized how the time has passed, brought us to the next phase in our lives.  One’s getting married this year, one, who I never thought could settle doing the same job for a long period of time, is still working her first job until today and the other one is striving to start up a new business. This made me think. Life is always about making choices. But at the same time, life is also about fate. One says lower your expectation so you wont get disappointed, but there is also a saying that we should dare to dream big. At the end, we should all agree that despite how perfect we’ve planned our lives, there are these little things that stirred up the ingredients and produce a different outcome altogether. It could be a nice big surprise or a huge mess that we want to avoid. It doesn’t matter…. what matters the most is how we react to those changes, those unexpected things and how we decide to overcome it. The strongest of the three of us, the one with the steel heart and big dreams, she climbs her steps to the top and so far has lifted up to the expectation. She’s done alright! The one who once had commitment issue, turned out to be very committed, to her work, to her relationship, and has matured up well. The gloomy one, still sometimes be gloomy, but trying hard to add some purpose into the mood. Trying hard to have a tenth of that motivation and ambition that her friend has, and trying hard to make it true. We reminisce our old lives, hoping that by thinking we could survive the hardships back then, why must back down now? At least I think that way. It’s a pleasure to spend few hours with them again. How I wished we could make it longer, perhaps as long as our sleepless nights waiting for the first train back to our hostel rooms… but for now we should just treasure what we have, though it is only for a short moment. Grateful that despite all the changes in life, we can still be us around each other. And for being the people they are, I admire them… Long live Primus!