Keep it simple

Why people complicate simple things… if at the end the decision can’t be changed why bother asking the what ifs. Why people want to waste their time and energy to talk about false hopes? Maybe I am too naive maybe I am too narrow – minded maybe I don’t have dreams afterall.. but for me if I’m going to say no the best way is to say no from the start. Why torturing people by giving them something to dream of if you know at the end you’re gonna take that dream away. Maybe that’s why I’m not a good leader maybe that’s why I can’t be super successful maybe thats why I stay as what I am and who I am right now. I just want to live a simple and peaceful life.



Saya orang Indonesia

Saya warga negara Indonesia, pemegang paspor berwarna hijau, dan selamanya tidak akan menukarnya dengan warna lain.
Jangan ukur harga diri kami dengan uangmu. Jangan suap kami dengan tangan kotormu. Silahkan kau hina kami tapi jangan hina bangsa kami.
Mungkin kami tak sekaya engkau tapi haram kau anggap kami lebih bodoh dari dirimu. Kami manusia engkau pun manusia, berdarah merah, bertulang putih, dicipta sesuai rupaNya. Mengapa kau pandang rendah kami? Memperlakukan kami bagai budak atau anjing. Ingat, atas itu ada karena bawah ada. Kaya ada karena miskin ada.
Dimana kakimu berpijak, junjunglah tanah itu. Buatlah tanah itu subur dan hormatilah tuan tanahmu. Jangan engkau jarah tanah ini dan membawanya pulang ke tanahmu. Hormatilah kami. Hormatilah kami…. karena makanan yang engkau makan ditanam di tanah kami.


You don’t know what you have until it’s gone…

The title has pretty much summarized everything that I want to say right now. A couple days ago we received a very surprising news during teacher’s morning briefing. Our vice principal has decided to step down and leave the school by the end of this quarter. It was a very shocking news to all of us and I couldn’t help myself but thinking what will happen from here onwards. I don’t want to be a hypocrite,  I did at times disagree with his decisions while running the entire secondary school. I did at times complain and felt unhappy with his policies. But now after I think about all those stuff, I have to admit he is indeed the best person in school for that position. I mean, it could’ve been worse if it was someone else and at the end I realized all he did, he did it for the school. It’s never easy to hold that kind of position and every now and then you have to make all kind of difficult decisions. Those decisions might not be popular at times but I think now I understand only those who do their work properly could end up having people disagree with them. At the end I have to say I have great respect for him…
It is sad seeing him go, it is sad that starting next quarter we won’t see him anymore. He is a great boss, a great person and I can only say that we will miss you, Boss… we will miss you very much…
And hopefully whoever takes over can follow your footsteps. Because right now I think we are all a lil bit afraid of the future and what awaits ahead of us. We are so used to having you around that most of the times we take you for granted. But now, knowing you won’t be there to fight for us anymore, a lil bit of doubts and worries creeping in.
Still, if your journey with us ends here, we’d like to wish you and your family well, believing that there are more blessings for you and your loved ones.
Farewell,  Mr MC. Thank you for everything….