Determined by the past

I celebrated my 27th birthday yesterday. Yea… I am that old. I thought I’m gonna be forever in my early 20’s but oh well… I received a bday message from my best buddy in uni today. We haven’t really chatted for quite a while now despite living in the same city for the past 5 years. So no doubt that message made me reliving the old memories again.
There were 3 of us about 6 or 7 years ago and we were not the type of students who were active in students organizations and such. So we were pretty much living in our own world (they might disagree but that is how I see myself back then). It was us against the world and boy the world did seem so mean back then. We had our worries about what awaited us after graduation and whether we could survive and made a living ourselves.
Faced by all these new challenges, I must say I think I wouldn’t be who I am today if not because of them. I survived the horrible year 2 results, bounced back in the remaining semesters and learned a lot from them. I learned not to take everything seriously, I learned not to be too sensitive, I learned to be willing to accept help from others, I learned that we don’t need a special occasion to give present to people. I learned to forgive and forget, I learned that there is a beauty in differences. And the hardest was, I learned that it’s easy to take things for granted and only realizing what we have missed after we lost them. I learned that I can’t keep everyone I love close to me, but this doesn’t mean I give up on them… it only means I’m giving them space to grow. It hurt me a lot at first, but now I’m accepting it….
For my best friends out there… who once shared an important piece with me… despite the years and distance, I’m still here and am willing to hear your stories just like old times… just like we used to…
Thank you for all the beautiful memories and seeds that you planted in me… you are all seen in me.

Dedicated to all my good friends out there, especially those who haven’t been in touch with me for quite some time. To name a few, Yulyanna Simbolon, Dhimas Rahadityarum, Ratna Darmawan, Jeanne Stephanie, Michael Kurniawan, Rendy, Ivina Hartopo, Tan Ying Yin, Ridwan Bong.