If anyone noticed, in the last post I published earlier, I did use a tag “farewell”. Well… I came to Singapore not only to celebrate my friend’s wedding, but to also bid her a farewell.
It’s really a huge change for her and her husband, since not only they start a new life together but they will also start it in a new place, new country with a new workplace. But as long as they are together, I think it should still be a good thing, right?
Anyway…. bidding a farewell is always difficult no matter how many times you have done it. It gets easier, yes… a lil bit. But the thought of course still bothers your mind. Even though in normal basis I don’t see her that often anyway; mostly once a year, twice a year sometimes; but you always know that you are just separated by a 1.5 hour flight…. a month from now, it won’t be a 1.5 hour flight anymore. It’ll be a one day flight and I don’t know whether we will see each other anymore.
Life…. people come and go, fate helps it. I am now at the age where I can fully understand that sometimes things have to go on in a certain way whether or not you like it. I can still recall that moment 10 years ago when I cried like a baby asking my best friend to not go overseas to study; even though I knew I would also go overseas to study, teenager and logic, they don’t go hand in hand. So I can confidently say that I’m over that period.  Sounds like I’m bragging over it, well I’m not. I actually think it was a sweet gesture of mine, the crying like a baby part. Haha… but seriously. I mean I guess at this stage we can all accept that God has a plan for each of us; whether it is a plan to always be together or separated, I believe it is still a good plan, the best for us. Having said that, again it is still difficult. I am facing it with the worst scenario in mind that we wont meet again. So I make sure that, assuming this time is the last, there is no regret or whatsoever between us. That we will remember each other as someone who brings joy, laughter and peace. As cheesy as it sounds, I want people to remember me that way. Regardless of all the flaws that I have in me, I always “dress up” with my best attitude for my supposedly last encounter with anyone important to me. Well most of the times you have no idea whether it will be the last but I would suggest to avoid fights with anyone you don’t see that often. Common sense, duh!
I’m in the flight going back home and I’m making peace with all my personalities in me. To let go and wish them the best…. I have one less reason to visit that little country but that only means I have more reasons to visit other places in the world!
Farewell, my friend…. you are never only a friend to me… you are a family…. it’s been a wonderful journey.



Her Wedding

It was one beautiful morning. The sun was shining, the sky was clear. It was a huge day for my wonderful friend and for certain part, it felt big for me too. There she was walking in white dress with squinted eyes, since well… she didn’t wear her glasses.
Everytime someone important to me getting married I always feel excited, happy and that ticklish feeling like you know something good is going to happen to you. I can’t explain why, I’m just describing how I feel. And for this friend of mine, it was no different. For the last two months I had myself worrying on what to give to her on her special day (or well… to be fair I started to seriously think of it a month ago). I know how big this day is to her and I wanted her to know that it is to me too.
So, I decided to make an album for her. Something that can reflect what we’ve been through from the first we met til the moment she met her now husband then boyfriend. I was supposed to give it to her on her wedding day but I thought I was going back to my room after the lunch reception and before meeting her for dinner again, so I left it in my room. But we didn’t meet for dinner so yea…. I guess the present would be a day late then…
Here is a peek on this wonderful event


I pray that the Lord give them both direction and wisdom to sail the rest of their lives together. And may they both be blessed abundantly with happiness and joy…
Congratulations on your wedding!!!


You don’t know what you have until it’s gone…

The title has pretty much summarized everything that I want to say right now. A couple days ago we received a very surprising news during teacher’s morning briefing. Our vice principal has decided to step down and leave the school by the end of this quarter. It was a very shocking news to all of us and I couldn’t help myself but thinking what will happen from here onwards. I don’t want to be a hypocrite,  I did at times disagree with his decisions while running the entire secondary school. I did at times complain and felt unhappy with his policies. But now after I think about all those stuff, I have to admit he is indeed the best person in school for that position. I mean, it could’ve been worse if it was someone else and at the end I realized all he did, he did it for the school. It’s never easy to hold that kind of position and every now and then you have to make all kind of difficult decisions. Those decisions might not be popular at times but I think now I understand only those who do their work properly could end up having people disagree with them. At the end I have to say I have great respect for him…
It is sad seeing him go, it is sad that starting next quarter we won’t see him anymore. He is a great boss, a great person and I can only say that we will miss you, Boss… we will miss you very much…
And hopefully whoever takes over can follow your footsteps. Because right now I think we are all a lil bit afraid of the future and what awaits ahead of us. We are so used to having you around that most of the times we take you for granted. But now, knowing you won’t be there to fight for us anymore, a lil bit of doubts and worries creeping in.
Still, if your journey with us ends here, we’d like to wish you and your family well, believing that there are more blessings for you and your loved ones.
Farewell,  Mr MC. Thank you for everything….