Air Asia QZ 8501

31 Dec

It was 3 days after Christmas, 3 days before the New Year…. Lots of them travelled in groups of families. Lots of them shared the same last names. They are my countrymen, travelled to the one country that I visited the most other than my own. It was just a regular flight, in a regular day, and one expected to go through the day regularly. But it was not…
Of all the tragedies happened this year, this one somehow feels very close to me. I cant imagine how terrified they were when the pilot told them that their plane was about to go down. How do you feel when you were told that you were going to die and you can’t do anything about it? Some of them travelled with kids or infants… did they cry when it was about to happen? Were they old enough to understand death? What was in their parents’ mind the moment before it ended? Was there anyone who felt relieved? Who felt peace?
Before it was found, I still had a little hope that it would somehow be found landed safely somewhere. That most of the passengers would be found alive. When they announced that they have found bodies and debris of the plane floating on the sea…. it was heartbreaking…
I know the sadness I feel now is nothing compared to their friends or family members who were waiting for this news. I can never understand their pain. And whatever words came out from my mouth would have no use to mend their broken hearts. It is something that they must go through on their own and nobody else can ease the pain. I wish I could do something to reduce their burden. But like an old friend said to me once, “you have to carry your own cross, no body else can carry your cross… only Jesus can help you through.” So I pray to Him… may He carry you in carrying your cross… may He hold your hands and sustain you. You can cry, you can scream out your frustration, your anger, anything… but have hope still… to face the future… hang on brothers and sisters… hang on…


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