Chasing your shadow

23 Dec

The night was cold
And there you were, waiting for me
Sitting in the dark
Waiting for a familiar light to creep in 

Ten steps away
Yet it felt like we’re ten oceans away
I looked at your shadow
and instantly the warmth of your presence overcame my sorrow

Remind me again why I have waited for so long
And how I could get it wrong
It is you and me
It is your hand and mine

Our eyes met
a shy smile let out to greet
You shook my hand
But I hugged you in my mind

Is it gonna be this way
You walking away
And I, left crying seeing your back moving away
Is it gonna be this way
You promised me to come back
And I, left out seeing your back moving away 

How I wish the clock would just stop
Freeze our moments together
Record our joy and laughter
Midnight was still an hour shy
and there you were, waving good bye
I could see my hands grasping you shadow
Letting it go, slipping through my fingers 

It is gonna be this way
I am always here chasing your shadow
Hugging it in the dark
Sharing smiles over a cup of coffee
Me and your shadow
Coz I know I can’t have the real you..


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