Jodoh Pasti Bertemu – OST Madre

Artist: Afgan

Andai engkau tahu betapa ku mencinta
Selalu menjadikanmu isi dalam doaku
Ku tahu tak mudah menjadi yang kau pinta
Ku pasrahkan hatiku, takdir kan menjawabnya
Jika aku bukan jalanmu
Ku berhenti mengharapkanmu
Jika aku memang tercipta untukmu
Ku kan memilikimu, jodoh pasti bertemu


Here it is…. The original soundtrack of Madre, a movie based on another bestselling book written by Dewi “Dee” Lestari. I’ve always been a big fan of Dee since the first time I read her book, “Supernova – Ksatria, Putri dan Bintang Jatuh”. And I have to say, this book, Madre, is by far my most favorite book by her. I remember when I decided to pull it out of my bookshelves in the middle of a sleepless night during one of my long holidays, my first intention was for me to flip over the first few pages until I feel sleepy then continue to read it the next day. My oh my…. The moment I started reading it, I couldn’t get it off!! So I kept reading it for few hours until I finished the whole book. And not only that, the day after I read it again. There are some parts of the book that I felt very touching and worth being memorized… I love the short stories and I love the poems as well. So when I saw the ads in the 21cineplex website, I decided to click on the trailer. And there it was…. I think they only filmed the first story in the book which has the same title as the book. To think of it, of course…. the other stories in the book are mostly short and people can’t really make movie on poems…

To be honest, I wasn’t that excited of watching the movie though. I am more excited in watching her previous movie “Rectoverso”. for which I still have not had a chance to watch it since my last few weeks are busy like heaven…. Nevertheless, the soundtrack caught my ears and I quickly searched for it. Found it on YouTube and my…. A very deep and meaningful song that slices through your heart. But hopefully it doesn’t leave a scar….



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