In the blink of an eye

This was written on August 22, 2011. Of course by now, we all know that Arsenal got crushed 8-2 by Man U  (and another red card), Nasri left for Man C, I attended my bible class last week and I am still a thinker….


So…. It’s a start of another holidays, I have a 2 week break from school, enough time to calm everything down and enough time to think about anything relevant or irrelevant like what I’m doing now.

Everything I want to write starts with what has happened for the last two weeks. 2 weeks ago, I was so excited about everything. Got Arsenal’s first game in the new season (that later on I found out it was a bad start to watch anyway), got the badminton world championships rolling for the week (again ended up with my favorite duo kicked out in the semi by an unknown pair from Britain), I also got my bible class (for which I decided to bail out in the 2nd meeting last week), but thank God for the greatest gift of the month (or perhaps the year) that my kids got great IGCSE results for their Add Maths…. Yes, yes…. I have my life falling on me again…. So it makes me thinking…. About this, about life, about me, about people I don’t know, about events that don’t really matters to me but I chose to be sucked by it.

Arsenal tied in their first game, lost in the 2nd game at home 0-2 against Liverpool. We got 2 red cards in our first 2 matches, 3 suspensions, 4 (probably more since I stopped counting when I reached this number) injured players, a captain who was also one of our best players decided to go back to his hometown and ended up with him lifting a trophy in his debut in his new (old) team, an own goal by Ramsey (the most handsome player out there) and the best part is….. this is just the beginning….. We have a bright side though…. Nasri is probably staying…. Yep…. This is one of the many things I want to talk about. Samir Nasri….. Do I need to state the fact that he doesn’t know me at all, he doesn’t aware of my existence and he has no idea that I’m writing about him at this moment? Well….. It’s just strange…. Weird…. A week ago the gooners hated him, they thought he was a betrayer, wanted (wants) to leave the club for a better salary. Me? I thought he has the right to decide, though I have to say that I hate seeing another great player go. Despite all the news about him, he was selected to play for our 2nd game and despite of the loss he was one of the better players out there. And as expected, the fans fell in love with him again. Yep, it was that fast. From an enemy to everyone’s Xmas gift. I’d like him to stay anyway…. So yea… I hope he stays….

the worst in a hundred eighty something years....

Badminton World Championships 2011, again our country didn’t bring home any gold. Well, we brought home almost the same color, bronze…. But yea…. I guess everyone was expecting something more, at least I expected more. We’ve been in slump for the last 4-5 years I guess. We didn’t win any world champ since 2007 and now we’re afraid that we may not win anything in the Olympic Games for the first time since 20 years ago. The pair that was “blamed” the most by everyone was my favorite…. Liliyana Natsir (and Tontowi Ahmad). They won 3 in their last 4 tournaments (all went all the way up to the finals) and they chose the right time to stumble in semifinal against a British pair who was anonymous until that tournament. So yea…. It was again that fast. It was hurting me, seeing and watching they lost…. I kept avoiding that topic for few days…. But I guess it was harder on them…. since I believe they were also expecting to win. Well, it’s life…. Everything can change in the blink of an eye.

Yes, Yes.... look at them closely and aim for that gold next time! I hate pink!!!

My bible class, started 2 weeks ago. I decided to join because I thought this would be good for me. It’s been quite a while since I joined anything and it’s been quite a while since I learned to learn again. So I was there at the first meeting, but decided to skip the second one for a lame excuse: SLEEP!!! Yes…. My mind changes as I inhale my next breath. But I promise to myself I will attend the next one…. So let’s see whether I’m still keeping my promise…..

“The Good Wife”, it’s the name of the show that I’ve been watching for the last few days. My emotion tore up in the last few episodes seeing Kalinda cried after a fight with Alicia. She was not someone you can picture out crying…. Actually she was not anyone with emotions. But that one scene tore me up entirely. She was broken, oh yeah… she was broken into pieces, knowing that she’s losing her best friend, possible her only friend. The trigger? She slept with Alicia’s husband…. Yea I know…. It’s a show…. Yet, I feel for her…. I mean, she was being honest when she said she didn’t even know Alicia when she slept with her husband. Only after that incident, she met Alicia, she got to know her, and she likes her…. She’s a friend, she’s probably the friend. But a mistake, is a mistake…. Here you go, from a (the) best friend to the number one enemy. Had one, with a good friend of mine. We got it through, but it’s never been the same anymore. It’s like we said it’s fine now, all are forgiven but inside, you know it’s not that simple. Tho, of course I have other stories to disprove that. I mean, we do forgive. In my case, I did that with some other friends. We fought hard, harder, cry loads of tears, weeping but hey….. we’re still good friends. We forgive…. We chose to stick together for another day. But I guess, I never really know how we do the selections on which to forgive and which to move on (by letting it go). I never wanted her to go. I liked her, I cared about her (probably one of the most), I adore her. But it seems that we’re better off not to be together. Look at the brighter side, without having a fight with her I wouldn’t know my other best friends that came by later on and stick around until now. Well, the point is…. In this world, everything can change in a second. And for someone like me, who always try to put things work in mind before really executing it, it’s almost like a disaster. You don’t know what to expect…. Wait….. let me rephrase, you should not even expect anything! I am becoming cynical, aren’t I? I guess this is really a long holiday. Should have it thought through….. or wait…. Should I just leave it and go with it…. I mean…. Even though I put my brain to it, it might still work the other way right?