Farewell Grade 12….

21 Apr

It’s been way too long since the last time I posted something here. Mostly because I lost my touch to write again and had no idea or whatsoever to write anything. But today, I feel that I have the obligation to share this to other people.

It’s the last day of school for my grade 12. I don’t know what to feel and don’t know what am I supposed to feel. They will be the first batch who graduate under my full supervision. Last year, Amyra was only under me for her last 1.5 years. But this time, I’ve taught them from the very first beginning of the IB program until now, until today.

I have to honestly admit that they are wonderful students, nice kids, nice attitude and sometimes beats the same heartbeat with me. I scolded them a lot, no question about that, but I have no intention to hurt their feelings. In fact I scolded them because I care, because I want them to improve….

5 wonderful kids, Eun Suk, Dika, Jong Hee, Jae Ok and Ray. There were countless tutorials with them during the weekends or even during the school holidays. I have literally spent the most of my teaching hours with them. So no doubt at all that I’m going to miss them.

For today’s lesson, I had prepared a Prezi presentation for them. Glad that they enjoyed it. It took me hours to finish it and cost me some of my sleeping time, but I guess it’s nothing compared to what I feel now. I just want to know that they have left footprints in my life that will remain there for years.

Now I can only pray hard that they’ll give their best in the exams. Good luck my grade 12. God’s blessings upon you…. Always…. Thank you for all the moments that we’ve shared….

Here’s the link to my last presentation for my grade 12:


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