09 Jul

Walked into my life
Saw me in suit
Clean and neat

Stayed in my life
Spending a night or two
Saw me in pajamas
Clean but messy

Reside in my house
Lived for a year or two
Saw me sweat, saw me cry, saw me angry
Dirty and messy

Left and never came back
Taught me a simple thing in life
Thou shall not believe
Not in human not in anyone

Holding the faith
Of whatever left to see
Keeping the hope
Of whatever remained to stay

For this might take another decade
To build and destroy
Not taking a chance to lose
For the light is there to catch

Break the broken heart
Left with no pieces to trace
Crush the hopeless dreams
Leading straight to the end

Human cries human laughs
Sharing the deeds they didn’t do
All empty and trashed
Let the unreal be real

All the words said
Lies spotted underneath
All the voices heard
Covered in tears and screams

How many years left to mourn
Sun downs and rises
Till the day it stops spinning

Be faithful of whatever you believe
Clock is ticking and batteries are dying
Be there to wait
Be firm to your faith
The time is coming


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Posted by on July 9, 2010 in Poems


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