Beauty in the Beast

24 Jan

Built to be a good one
Not because I really want
I tried to at least
Not to let myself be a beast

So I start to keep my words
Which some said it can be my sword
My head is spinning
Keeping the emotions from running

Longing to shoot my best curses
Red eyes, boiling blood, exploding head
I got my recipe and tools
Waiting for the right target to rule

Devil inside me,
Devil inside you,
Finding a hole to break out
And leave our names as their aliases

Forgive me not to act right
Sure things aren’t as bright
An excuse to deliberately fall
And point at someone to take a fall

A handshake to seal the dark
And let light slip into the ark
It’s another day passed by
Another chance to forgive

Men in hope women in dreams
I’m there to watch it turns real
Buried my wrath for once
Reaping my parts forever


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Posted by on January 24, 2010 in Poems


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