A Pure Dedication…. and Love… (Dedicated to My Math Teacher)

17 Aug

Well…. Yes, He is my Lord…. Who has never changed no matter what I did. Today I met my teacher, Bu Herda. For those who follow my story from years ago must have known that she is someone that I respected so much. She was my math teacher in high school. She wasn’t the only math teacher who had taught me in high school, but the reason I respected her so much was because her belief towards me. She treated me differently. She knew my hunger in math and she willingly catered it for me. She was someone who pushed me to my highest limit, she was someone who reminded me repeatedly that I have the ability to do more and I deserved every single trust the school had given me. I was known by my close friends to be someone with low self-confidence. I had always thought that I didn’t deserve to be sent to various competitions to represent my school. Yet, she kept on encouraging me and said that she believes and she knows that I always try my best in every competition. I, no doubt owe her so much. And today of every other day, God decided that I have to meet her. Right in the time I feel nothing in my life is worth anything anymore. Right in the time I feel discourage and got no more spirit to keep on working anymore. She inspires me…. She said to me that what she’s done to my old school is based on her love to the school, as she has worked there for years, since the very beginning of the school. Not for money, not for anything…. It is purely based on the love that she has, the burden to make the school better, the responsibility to teach and to make the students understand.

Well, I thought no such thing exists anymore. No wonder I am here now at this stage, able to taste everything that not everyone has a privilege to experience. It is merely because I have such a wonderful teacher, who taught me with her fullest heart, who nurtured me not only as a teacher but as a friend who pulled me through each and everyday I felt discourage and troubled. She is a living proof, it wasn’t only based on words came out from her mouth, but I’ve experienced it. I was her student, and am still her student who is still learning through the best example, herself…..

Being a lecturer is easy; being a teacher is another extra job, extra responsibility, extra heart and mind. We’re dealing with human beings, not death creatures. Each and every one of them has different need, different character, and different way to absorb things. To be a teacher is to try reaching their hearts, being a part of their lives, live with them, understand them, and eventually push them to their highest capacity. Thank you, Ibu…. For teaching me so many things…. Not so much about the math, bout how to pursue things further than what it seems. Yes, you are right, learning math is not so much learning about how to solve a problem, but more into analyzing the problem itself. Thank you, Ibu…. It’s a great honor for me to be one of your students….


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