A New Era

05 Aug


Yes…. I’ve been officially graduated. I wore the academic dress, walked on the stage and getting my degree certificate. It was nice to be surrounded by old friends, those who were there through my difficult times in university but also were my great supporters of joy when we celebrated our lives back then. yeah, I missed some spots in Sg, some places that were meaningful to me. Places like Starbucks Fullerton, Changi airport and even Canteen A in NTU…. Yeah, basically all places which I used to study at and designing my dreams. But anyway…. Life moves on…. and here I am with a new chapter in my life try to write a good story book.

This new academic year is quite a change for me. Teaching the higher grades with higher level of math (don’t imagine such a high level of real math, but they call it higher level math though) is quite different with teaching the lower grades. Now I know the meaning of “peace”. Haha…. my grade 11 HL student are real students. They have always been serious in class, doing their tasks, their homework and taking the quiz like taking a real test. For grade 12, I am still taking her, a solo student but with depth of mind like 2-3 people combined together. But yeah, if before this I’ve always regarded her as the smartest one, now I think she has to compete with my youngest student in grade 7. I’m only taking 4 students in grade 7, those who are supposed to be the strongest ones in math, and there is this one little boy who has really amazed me. I do think that he is better than the average of grade 10 students. Teaching grade 7 is a joy to me. With a simple mindset they can actually solve interesting problems using their own way. Sometimes they are a bit naughty and talkative, but when I give out some questions or posted some problems they will straight away trying to solve it. And yeah, it is nice to be with them….

The last one but surely not the least, in fact this class is the largest among all other 3 classes that I teach. Grade 10 additional math. I’ve been teaching them since last semester. Generally I feel they are good students, meaning the ability to excel is there. Some of the students are even a very bright ones. But yeah…. They were often lack of motivation. However, I really feel there are some changes in this class compared to last sem. They are BETTER. yeah…. I mean it. They are more on task, more discipline in doing their homework and more motivated. I’ve always have a fun time with them, always except today. Well…. basically I want my class to be fun, because I think this is how a math class should be, a fun class. That’s why to some extent, I don’t mind if they are being active in class or being talkative. As long as they enjoy the class, they do what they should do and they are making a good progress. Few days ago, they were being noisy in class. They talked, they laughed, etc. But surprisingly almost all the questions in my worksheets were done perfectly. When I asked one of them to come forward and explain, they actually want to do it. So if you asked me, should I punish their behavior? I would say definitely NO. Rather than I shout at them at make the situation tensed and yeah they would be quiet, but they wouldn’t feel secure. Like what I did today. I lost control and shout at them. *sigh*. I regret…. I know that they have been making progress. I mean look at them…. from someone who didn’t give any crap of doing homework to someone who tries to do every question in the worksheets and be the fastest to finish. It is really something. It is….

Given all these situations, I am reminded with a famous quote from the movie Spiderman. “With great power comes great responsibilities.” I am currently trying my best to push them to their highest potential. Because I know they are bright kids and I don’t want to fail any of them. (praying hard and harder)….

So this is it…. A new era of my life…. With one simple page I want to start to write the best story of my life. May not be the most successful one, but I believe everything is well-planed by my BIG BOSS for the greater good…. Amen….


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