A Nerd’s Apology

15 Jul

One day, a student of mine said to me that everyone doesn’t like nerds. To put it in a very harsh way she asked why don’t these smart bright nerd people move to other school? I was stunned for awhile and replied back to her “why should them?” in her opinion nerds don’t really know how to make friends, they can’t really have nice conversations with other people. Hmmmm…. Is it true? I believe that there wasn’t only this particular student who has this kind of thought about the nerdies, but is there any big difference between them?

I myself admitted many times that I was and maybe still am a nerd. I read a lot of books, not just novels and comics but also math books in my free time. But I had and have quite some friends. And if people think I am not nerd enough, refer to some of my genius friends…. They have a lot of friends, they do hang out and have fun but they also do a lot of self study.

One answer which I can think of regarding my student question was the environment. I am very grateful knowing that I went to very supporting schools with a lot of nerds (oops) and people who do care and appreciate nerds.

So here I am making my own apology regarding this matter. Apology for the nerds or those who are claimed to be nerds by their friends.

“I have two eyes, one nose, one mouth, one tongue, two ears and one brain
I have two hands, two legs, and complete internal organs just like you do
What is so different about me that you can not accept
Don’t blame me if I listen more than I talk
Think more than I act
See more than making scenes
I too have heart to care
To share with people and to love
Different talents and thoughts
Doesn’t mean that I don’t talk
Doesn’t mean that I don’t feel
Doesn’t mean that I don’t play
Look at me deep inside and you’ll know
We have same heart beating in rhythm
Same passion to love and be loved
I can be good friend and great best-friend
If only you give me chance to be one….
If only you accept me for who I am….”

So for all the nerds out there, keep up your spirit! You are entrusted the ability to help people and make difference so do it…. Don’t just keep it for yourself and die with it. Coz in the end when you close your eyes for the very last time the only thing people will remember is your contribution to society, all the good deeds you have sowed ….

Oh btw…. Today is the first day of the new academic year. I met quite a lot of new teachers here and also my new subject head. I hope they are not too serious like today…. Huhuuuu….. will teach grade 10 additional math, grade 11 and 12 HL and some bright students in grade 7. Theoretically they will not cause much behavioral problems but for sure they will make me think at least twice harder than I did for last academic year…. And for this, I pray that everything will be okay. I pray that I can be useful for my students, I can be a good messenger to deliver the knowledge, the experience, and also to be a good servant of GOD…. I realized that I made loads of mistakes last sem and the biggest mistake was probably because I didn’t start everything with a prayer…. So I thank God for another chance and put all of these into Your hands for You to make everything meaningful according to Your plan. Please guide me to give the best to my kids…. Amen


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