The Most Important One

09 Dec

Well…. I was bored and decided to ran over those old files in my laptop. I found this one under the file name “none”.  When I opened it, here it is…. an old writing by me, which again brings back old memories. This was written for someone who I love so much…. more than anything lives in this world. Someone who has been there since my very first cry until now and I believe until forever. However, from what I can read right now, it is obvious that I wrote this with anger and maybe a little disappointment. But, yeah…. I guess that time I still didn’t get it. Yet now,  I can see things clearly. That your love for us… is definitely more than anything…. I love you, Mom… forever….

When it comes to love
sad for me to start with laugh
I put myself in the sorrow
hiding away from tomorrow

as for HIS creatures
I find more in nature
love can’t be bought
not worth to be sought

I doubt you can see
what is more to me
against all in your mind
act like you were blind

even the deaf can hear
s’thing happen when you are near
since when I cry
since when I die

GOD, I hope I was the 1st who came to this world
and change the whole scene
give a better idea to the writer
put myself as a director

too late is never
maybe it’s forever
I don’t give a chance to steal
leaving a pain to feel
maybe it’s an end to begin
for things not yet to be revealed

I will always love you
Even the death comes towards me
I will always take care of you
even your love is not for me

(saved 12/12/2006)


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Posted by on December 9, 2008 in Poems


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